Employment Law

New Work

The ongoing digitalization is impacting the way of working and corporate culture in companies. Employment law practice must reflect these changes.

Employment Law

A New Work

Digitalization & Employment Law

Digitalization is blurring corporate boundaries and creating new forms of collaboration between companies and employees.

Cloud Computing & Employee Privacy

The digitalized working world produces vast amounts of data. Who owns this data and when it must be protected is a question that all companies must ask themselves.

Chances & Risks

The digitalization of production, products and services, but also the opportunity to create new concepts of work offer new possibilities for companies. The new risks arising from this must be recognized at an early stage and considered from the outset.

Employment Law

Small Business
Click Worker

New Work

New forms of employment have emerged in the context of cooperation and the projects via the internet. Labor law issues must be adapted and rethought accordingly.

Economy on Demand, Crowdworking, Scrum

Economy on demand, crowdworking and agile working methods such as Scrum, provide companies with new opportunities. Companies must structure their legal implementation of these new forms of collaboration.

False Self-Employment

Legal Problems also arise with regard to the employee status and pseudo self-employment of the employees. The questions relating to labor law can only be answered on the basis of the new structures in business life.

Employment Law

Agile Working

Home Office, Mobile Office

Location-independent working also raises questions of employment and data protection law. Companies must regulate the use of employee-owned smartphones and laptops (BYOD), as well as working-time models and records, and liability issues relating to off-site work locations.


The decoupling of traditional work models can lead to tensions between companies and employees. As the boundaries between work and leisure become blurred, companies need to define appropriate rules and work toward compliance in order not to lose sight of their own corporate interests as well as their duty of care to employees.

Compensation Models

New Work also presents companies with the challenge of adapting established compensation models to the new conditions. Each company needs to design a model consisting of performance, success and participation-related variables that is suitable for its own employment environment.

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