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Digitalization affects all businesses – data processing technologies have arrived at the core of almost every business.

IT & Data Protection Law

e-Privacy &

Digitalization & Employment Law

From the digitalization of the application process or the personnel file to the recording of working hours and home office & mobile office, data protection issues can be found in almost all aspects of employment law today.

Corporate Data Protection

All companies in the European Union are subject to European data protection law (GDPR). Dealing with the regulatory requirements on a day-to-day basis presents challenges for many companies. The development of a company's own best practices and appropriately trained employees are key to regulatory compliance.

Controller, Processor & DPA

Companies must comply with a large number of regulatory requirements. The basis for a company's own implementation of data protection law can be the record of processing activities, the implementation of technical-organizational security measures and the review of corresponding documents as part of data processing agreements (DPA).

IT & Data Protection Law

Brave New World


In B2C e-commerce in particular, the density of regulations has increased even further as a result of data protection requirements. In order for companies to be able to use the opportunities available to them, such as remarketing, tracking or web analysis, in a legally compliant manner, adjustments must be made - in line with the marketing strategy.

IaaS & SaaS

New digital services such as Iaas & Saas represent important tools for companies and are in some cases essential business requirements. The underlying technical cloud infrastructure and the respective service providers must meet the data protection requirements of your own company and the regulatory requirements of every use case.

Manager & Employee Training

In order to cope with the ever-advancing change, managers and employees need to constantly educate themselves. Smaller companies can also benefit from compliance solutions in certain areas.

IT & Data Protection Law

Social Media

Corporate Presence

Corporate presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok must be designed to comply with regulatory requirements - with the potential risk of cease and desist letters in mind. Data protection issues arise, when embedding content, social media plug-ins and tracking cookies on the company's own website.

Social Media Campaigns

When dealing with social media platforms, companies face a variety of legal challenges. Marketing campaigns must also be evaluated from a legal perspective, for example with regard to unfair competition law, data protection law, labeling law and copyright law. Individual social media guidelines for companies create a legally safe framework to work in.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers and content creators are an integral part of modern marketing strategies. The regulatory requirements that must be complied with in order to avoid cease and desist letters must be agreed upon anew with each cooperation by both advertising companies and influencers and content creators.

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