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The protection of intellectual property is relevant to all sectors of the economy – for many companies it means protecting the core of their business.

Media & IP Law

Copy Paste,

Open Source, Open Content, CC & UGC

In many cases, active participation in the creation and adaptation of works, or making one's own works available to the general public under new license schemes, can collide with traditional copyright concepts. We advise you on all legal matters if you want to use open source, open content, creative commons and user-generated content (UGC) and show you ways to deal with it in a legally secure manner.

Injunction & Damages

Authors can assert claims against infringers of their copyrights. Such proceedings usually begin with a cease and desist letter or, if necessary, an injunction against the infringer. In addition to the claims for injunctive relief claims for damages may also be considered.

Libel Laws & Online Reputation

Companies and private individuals alike depend on their good reputation. Untrue, defamatory statements by individuals or corresponding media coverage can affect or even destroy a good reputation. Fast and effective but also strategic action is required to limit damage that has already been done and to avoid new damage.

Media & IP Law


Trademark Consultation

We advise companies in the run-up to the registration of a trademark with regard to protectability, scope of protection and possible conflicts with existing trademarks.

Trademark Registration

In the course of registering your trademark, we represent you before the trademark offices in Germany and the EU (EUIPO) and also conduct legal proceedings to enforce your rights.

Domains & Company Names

In addition to trademark rights, we also advise on other rights such as domain names and company names. We enforce such rights against infringers out of court and in judicial proceedings.

Media & IP Law


Fair Competition

Economic competition must be protected against unfair actions by market participants. False promises in advertising or non-compliance with information obligations constitute unfair commercial acts against which competitors can effectively defend themselves

Misleading Information et al.

Unfair business practices include misleading statements on advertising materials or websites, non-compliance with information obligations vis-à-vis consumers or unreasonably harassing advertising.

Cease and Desist & Interim Injunction

Competitors and other entitled parties can assert claims against infringers. Such proceedings usually begin with a warning or, if necessary, an injunction against the unfair party. In addition to the claims for injunctive relief asserted in this way, claims for information and damages may also be considered.

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